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Who We Are

We are a local farm outside of Tallahassee, Florida offering medicinal and herbalism based tea blends, and locally harvested honey.  Theresa is a trained herbalist, yoga therapist and reiki master who uses her background in holistic health to promote wellness through plant medicine.  


Using elements of  traditional herbalism, spiritual tools such as reiki and crystal infusions, and the ritual of brewing a cup of tea for comfort and healing.  We also prioritize the use of organic growing and cultivating native species on the land, we work to ethically and sustainably source our own materials and to buy from small organic farms for those we cannot grow ourselves.  


My name is Theresa.  I am a licensed mental health counselor, yoga therapist, reiki master, and clinical trained herbalist.   I have owned a successful holistic mental health counseling business for years but burnout as a clinical mental health counselor is unreal and I have found a calling to do more work as an herbalist, with the deep, healing connection to the land and our plant allies.  My family and I bought a farm in Quincy, FL, moved over 1300 miles to start fresh, and have begun cultivating our own organic tea and herb plants.  I have been handcrafting tea blends that focus on mental, spiritual, and physical healing and sell them for folks to use for their own health journeys.  


Right now we are just getting off the ground.  I hope to create an ethical, sustainable business that gives back to the community and the land.  Right now we are selling at farmers markets, our own farm stand, and hopefully expanding to an online option soon.  I hope to help bring more native species and traditional healing wisdom back to the land, and to educate and empower folks to use their own local resources from the earth to heal themselves and their families.  We not only want to sell our herbal tea blends, we want to create education initiatives, nature foraging walks, therapeutic retreats, and medicine making communal gatherings to really bring the concept of herbalism alive in a time where so many of us have lost connection with the earth and our own ancestral wisdom.  

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